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UPDATE: We are now offering bespoke glass cut to size. Call us for details on 033 3303 4059
UPDATE: We are now offering bespoke glass cut to size. Call us for details on 033 3303 4059
6 On-Trend Shower Room Ideas

6 On-Trend Shower Room Ideas

Shower room styles have never been more diverse and striking as they are at the moment, so if you are considering a redesign, there is something out there to suit your available space, access needs, and personal taste perfectly. Here are some of the most inspirational on-trend designs.

Spa room chic

Bathrooms and shower rooms are moving away from the cold clinical designs of the past couple of decades, and towards more welcoming and relaxing spaces. Create a luxury hotel spa feel with cool natural shades of green and blue, and bring in some plants to add life and texture. 

Balance a minimal approach with some luxurious details, such as super fluffy towels and high-end accessories. Keep the whole experience easy and comfortable with a low-profile shower tray, and a no-fuss glass partition.

Use split levels to zone your shower room

If you like the idea of an open plan shower room, but would still like to create distinct zones, you could introduce different levels as an alternative to screens and cubicles. For example, the shower could be on a raised level to distinguish it from the sink and dressing areas. This creates interest without disrupting the flow of light and space in the room.

Go with the industrial look

If the rest of your house is sleek and contemporary, and pastel colours just aren’t for you, then you could go for the industrial look which is very fashionable right now. Choose black framed glass partitions, teamed with cement floors and exposed brickwork. Finish off the look with matt black fixtures and fittings. 

Go retro

The fashion for retro 1920s designs has been around for a while now, but it’s still going strong and looking great. Glossy subway tiles in rich blue and green hues are a very popular look, and add a touch of timeless chic to any bath or shower room. 

The monochrome look works well from this era too, with bold geometric patterns in black and white on the walls or floors. Choose white sanitary wear, set off with brass or gold fittings and fixtures to really make the look pop.

Go natural

If you prefer a softer and more calming aesthetic, the trend for embracing nature is still very much reflected in interior design at the moment. Choose natural materials for the walls and floors, such as slate, marble, or limestone. Contrast this with wooden vanity units in soft green shades.

Complement the look with humidity-loving plants, in hanging baskets and pots. Keep everything light and airy with a walk-in shower and clear glass screen. 

Go with the flow

Arches and curves are a fashionable way to update living and dining areas, and the trend is now making its way into the bathroom. For example, arched shower room screens, which have a curved instead of square top, can help to make the room feel softer and more welcoming. Complement the look with rounded mirrors and cupboard handles.

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