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Four Inspiring Shower Over Bath Solutions For Any Bathroom

A shower over bath is a practical and space saving way to combine the benefits of a therapeutic soak in the tub with the invigorating speed of a shower. There is no need to opt for a standard layout, as there are now so many options that combine functionality and style. Here are some of the most popular solutions.

L-shaped or P-shaped baths

L-shaped baths are rectangular in shape, but wider at the showering end so that it forms an L shape. This affords you more room to wash yourself properly and manoeuvre safely in and out of the tub. The L-shaped bath is a brilliant solution for a smaller bathroom and works perfectly with a panelled shower screen.

A P-shaped bath is an alternative to the L-shape, with a wider curved section to afford a larger showering area. It is a great solution for smaller family bathrooms, because of the smoother angles with fewer sharp corners. Curved shower screens are available to fit over the bath and prevent splashes.

Adjustable shower rails

Shower heads that are freestanding or even fixed to the ceiling may be fashionable, but they are not practical for families with young children or people who want to wash their dogs in the bathtub. In this case, a hand held shower with an adjustable height is the best solution. 

If you also want the extra luxury of an overhead showering experience, you could consider combining a hand-held adjustable shower head and a ceiling-mounted shower head. This gives you the best of both worlds and takes up no extra space. Three-way systems also have a bath filler, so there is no need to take up further space with bath taps. 

However, first you need to check what type of water system you have first. Gravity-fed water systems, which have a combination of a cold water tank and separate hot water cylinder, generally have low water pressure. This may not be enough to support a mixer shower, and may require an additional pump to be installed.

Freestanding shower over baths

If your heart is set on a statement freestanding bath that forms the centrepiece of your bathroom, then you may not have room for a separate walk-in shower. However, it is still possible to have the convenience of a shower with a suspended or freestanding shower rail fitted over the bath, that incorporates a fixed shower head and rail to hang a curtain. 

Add extra style with your shower screen

A shower screen or curtain is essential with a shower over bath to prevent the floor and bathroom units from becoming soaked every time you have a bath. The shower screen can also enhance the design features of your bathroom, with coloured frames or tinted glass. 

If you have beautiful wall tiles or elegant fixtures to show off around your bathtub, then a clear pane of single glass works well, to be practical yet unobtrusive and allow the full space of the bathroom to be on display. 

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