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UPDATE: We are now offering bespoke glass cut to size. Call us for details on 033 3303 4059
UPDATE: We are now offering bespoke glass cut to size. Call us for details on 033 3303 4059
Glass Balustrades

How Can Glass Balustrades Enhance Outdoor Living Spaces?

Glass balustrades for outdoor living spaces have risen in popularity over the past few years as an alternative to traditional wrought iron or wooden fences. Here’s a look at the advantages of installing glass balustrades on decking, balconies, pool areas, and terraces.


Unlike wood or metal, glass does not rot, warp, rust, or become damaged by extreme weather conditions. Glass balustrades are made from toughened glass and are resistant to UV light and extremes of temperature. 

It’s also highly resistant to impacts, and in the rare event that it does break, it is designed to crumble into pebbles rather than shatter into dangerous sharp shards. 


Glass balustrades look sleek and contemporary, and blend in seamlessly with any style of building. They can greatly enhance the feeling of space, and are an attractive modern feature that can add value to a property. 

When a barrier is needed for safety reasons, toughened glass balustrades are well up to the job, while not detracting from the visual appeal of the space. 

Opening up views

In sitting areas such as balconies and patios, opaque fencing can obstruct the view and block light. Replacing it with clear glass allows you to enjoy uninterrupted views of your garden and beyond. This opens up the area, helping you to feel fully immersed in the natural beauty of your garden while also being protected from draughts and accidental falls.

In poolside areas, glass balustrades are a very practical choice because they provide a safety barrier while also affording a view of the pool, which is essential for the parents or guardians of children. 

In gardens that are not overlooked, glass balustrades can even replace perimeter fencing to help open up far-reaching views beyond the garden. 

A range of options

There are a range of customisable design options available, such as frameless glass balustrades for a completely open view. They can be combined with hand rails for an extra safety feature alongside steps or on balcony areas if necessary. 

In situations where a degree of privacy is preferred, opaque glass can be used that allows some light to filter through. The glass is customisable, with the option to have different colours, patterns and textures. This may be beneficial for a business that wants to include the company branding in the balustrade.

Ease of maintenance

Glass balustrades are extremely durable, and only require the minimum amount of maintenance. They simply need to be washed with warm soapy water and polished dry with a soft cloth to keep them pristine and sparkling.

This is very appealing for homeowners who want to avoid the time consuming chore of applying preservative every year to a fence or a coat of anti-corrosion paint to metal railings. Even the most well cared for wooden fencing will weather and age within five to 10 years, whereas glass balustrades are hard-wearing and long lasting. 

Glass balustrades may be more of an initial upfront investment than more traditional outdoor fencing options, but in the long run they can be more cost effective.

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