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Should You Install A Framed Or Frameless Glass Shower Door?

Should You Install A Framed Or Frameless Glass Shower Door?

Glass shower doors were always framed or semi-framed, but advances in materials and manufacturing mean that it is now possible to choose a frameless design. Here are some points to bear in mind if you are trying to choose between the two.


Frameless glass highlights the other bathroom features

If you have recently renovated your bathroom with new porcelain or stone tiles, a frameless glass shower door will allow more of the walls to be visible. This shows off the tile design, and helps the bathroom to feel more spacious, as the shower will appear as an integral part of the room, rather than a boxed off space.


Frameless glass is on trend

Frameless glass is a very contemporary look, which can help to lift the whole style of the room up a notch, to lend it that air of a modern luxury hotel. They work perfectly for the minimalist Scandinavian look, for example, or the latest Japandi trend.


The frameless glass is easier to keep clean

The glass panel is all one piece, without too many seals and corners to harbour mould and mildew. It is easy to wipe down with a simple sweep, rather than having to clean each section one at a time.


Framed glass works well in retro style bathrooms

If you are going for the Victorian or Art Deco vibe in your bathroom, a sleek frameless design might not work quite as well. Traditional framed style shower panels are more in keeping with retro bathrooms.

Black Crittal framed glass has also made a comeback in recent years, which works well with the industrial look.


Framed glass is more affordable

If you are working to a tight budget, you will find that framed shower screens and doors are cheaper, because the glass is usually thinner. This is because it is not necessary for it to be as strong as if was unsupported by a frame. Frameless glass also requires strong sturdy hardware to support it such as a deep u channel for glass.

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