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UPDATE: We are now offering bespoke glass cut to size. Call us for details on 033 3303 4059
UPDATE: We are now offering bespoke glass cut to size. Call us for details on 033 3303 4059

Tips For Choosing The Right Glass Hardware For Your Bathroom

Choosing the right glass hardware for your bathroom can put the perfect touch on a full renovation project, or just refresh your existing bathroom. This will help to create a bathroom that is both pleasing to the eye and convenient to use. Here are some tips to bear in mind when making your selection.

Decide what features will benefit your bathroom

If you want to install or upgrade your shower, one of the most important considerations is the door mechanism and screen. This may depend on the type of shower enclosure you have and how much space is available. If you are installing a completely new shower, also consider accessibility. 

Quadrant enclosures that fit into the corner of the bathroom are ideal for smaller spaces. They have curved doors that are usually sliding rather than hinged to save space. If the bathroom is larger, then a spacious rectangular enclosure can be fitted against the wall to create plenty of room for families with small children or people with disabilities.

Mirrors are an essential bathroom feature, both for decoration and practical purposes such as shaving and applying makeup. They are also a good way to add more light to a small or dingy bathroom. Consider if you want features such as a backlight and automatic demister. Glass shelving is also a useful and stylish option.

Coordinate the style

Glass hardware should not only be functional, but also work to enhance the overall style of the room. Consider if you prefer the minimalist look, or a more traditional retro design. A contemporary bathroom may suit frameless shower screens with tinted glass and sleek chrome or black accessories. 

A more traditional style may be more suited to framed glass panels with clear or patterned glass, and fixtures and fittings in brass, gold, or brushed nickel for a touch of luxury. When selecting the shower door handles, look for styles that will fit in with the overall design, and that will also be easy and comfortable to grip with wet hands. 

Consider ease of maintenance and longevity

You will not only want your glass hardware to look good, but also to be durable and easy to maintain. All glass used in your bathroom should be tempered safety glass. This is glass that has been manufactured with extremely high temperatures and may have other chemicals added to make it extra tough and shatter resistant.

Tempered glass can withstand very strong impacts, but in the event that it does break, it is more likely to shatter into rounded pebbles rather than dangerous pointed shards. Check the manufacturer’s descriptions and warranties before installing any glassware in your bathroom.

Frameless glass is very easy to keep clean because there are fewer joints and corners to accumulate dirt and grime. Tinted and patterned glass is less prone to showing water marks and soap scum than clear glass. 

Finally, if you are installing the hardware yourself, make sure that you have the required tools and follow the instructions carefully to ensure that it is safe to use.

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