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UPDATE: We are now offering bespoke glass cut to size. Call us for details on 033 3303 4059
UPDATE: We are now offering bespoke glass cut to size. Call us for details on 033 3303 4059
Tips To Revive A Dated Bathroom

Tips To Revive A Dated Bathroom

Bathroom styles have enjoyed many variations over the decades, as fashions come and go, and materials evolve and improve. Although the retro look is currently popular, this doesn’t mean putting up with a tired and dated bathroom! Here are some top tips to refresh an old bathroom, that won’t break the budget.


How to tone down brash colours

Although there is a trend for bolder colours in the bathroom right now, this doesn’t necessarily mean the mustard or avocado hued horrors of the 70s and 80s! If your budget doesn’t stretch to retiling, you try fitting PVC wall panels in neutral colours. They are a fuss free and instant way to transform the look and feel of your bathroom.

If the floor is tired or has a jarring colour or pattern, then you could fit some luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs). These are hardwearing, comfortable underfoot, and very easy to keep clean. They can be installed in a matter of hours, and look smart and contemporary. LVTs are the perfect affordable alternative to porcelain or stone tiles.

For those with a bigger budget, you may want to retile your bathroom to bring it up to date. Popular looks right now include the metro or subway brick tiles, in white, green, or blue. Natural effect tiles in with a marble, stone or slate finish, are also stylish and timeless.

Many older bathrooms have wooden panelling, on the walls, cabinets, vanity units, and even on the side of the bath and around the basin pedestal. If this is the case, they can easily be updated with some mould-resistant paint. Eggshell or high-gloss finishes work best for bathrooms, and they are hardwearing and repel moisture.


Update with accessories

If changing the whole bathroom suite is not an option, it’s still possible to add some contrasting contemporary touches. Modern tapware, in matt black, with a matching black-framed mirror, can put a new twist on a tired 80s bathroom, for example. You could also add some modern wall art, and curated accessories such as candles and vases.


Upgrade the shower

A simple touch such as installing a new shower screen is an easy way to bring a bathroom up to date. There are many styles available, from industrial black panels, to softer frosted glass which can be tinted with blue or green.  You could even simply update an older cubicle with some luxury shower door handles.


Reglaze the bath

If you can’t afford to replace the bath, an alternative might be having it reglazed, to remove a gaudy or drab colour, such as brown, bright pink, or turquoise. Even if the bath is white, it’s likely to be looking a bit stained and dulled after all those years, and recoating it could be just the tonic your bathroom needs.

Another good tip for an old bathroom is to scrub the grouting with a mixture of baking powder and lemon juice, to get that box-fresh gleam back. Simply leaning in to a plain white bathroom, by getting it sparkling clean, and adding some bright accent colours with towels and other accessories, can work well.

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