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Top Design Tips To Consider When Designing Your Ideal Shower

Top Design Tips To Consider When Designing Your Ideal Shower

The bathroom is quite possibly the most important room in any house and deserves the most attention and care placed into it.

Not only is it important for very practical reasons, as every person needs to wash and bathe themselves, but also because bathrooms are often designed to be peaceful, contemplative areas that create a sense of calm whilst we shower.

It is no surprise, therefore, that many people decide to design a custom shower with bespoke glass hardware that meets their exacting specifications.

Before you start contacting contractors, however, here are some design tips to keep in mind when designing your ideal shower.


Perception Is Reality

There are many reasons why people choose white, off white and other bright neutral colours in their bathroom. Not only are they light colours that help create a sense of calm and peace, but they also help to make the room look bigger.

The reason for this is scientific. White and other lighter colours reflect light and heat back whilst darker colours absorb light and heat. This makes a lighter space look larger than it is and is a trick often used when selling houses.

Another great trick that works here is the use of large transparent or translucent glass panes, such as shower doors or walls, which through refraction also create a perception of a larger space.

By taking advantage of this principle you can create a space that feels peaceful, relaxing and spacious, even if your bathroom is not generously sized.


Consider Lighting

With bathrooms, especially smaller ones, lighting is especially important, as the sources of natural light are sometimes limited to relatively small, windows with frosted glass or other types of glass that limit the amount of light entering the room.

Because of this, you need to consider the placement of your shower to ensure it feels light and airy, as well as considering the placement of sinks, mirrors and other furniture.

One effective trick you can use is to place a large mirror parallel to the light source to help reflect out to the rest of the room and create a perception of brightness and depth.

Outside of natural lighting, your choice of light sources and light temperature will also be important. The lighting needs to be adequate enough for shaving but not so much that it damages the peaceful, contemplative atmosphere.


Focus On The Little Details

If you are going to design a shower for your exacting needs and specification, focus not just on the larger aspects of the design. Do you want a shelf, cabinet or insert in the shower wall to fit your soap and shampoo?

This can include other little aspects such as whether you want a shower bench to allow you to sit down whilst showering, or grab handles or hooks, as well as what type of drain you want to have at the base of your shower.

It can even include technological integrations, such as smart mirrors or shower speakers.

Every little element can have a huge difference, so be sure to take every need you have into account.

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