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Where There’s Muck Removal There’s Brass

Where There’s Muck Removal There’s Brass

There’s nothing like a nice hot shower to keep you feeling refreshed. Whether it is about getting yourself wide awake in the morning and ready to take on the world or shifting layers of mud and sweat after playing sport, it is a wonderful way to gain a deep sense of renewal.

Of course, all this depends on everything working well. A problem may sometimes occur with a shower head, but one of the worst when you have a glass shower is to have a leak. That’s why you need your panes and U channels to be properly watertight.

There are many good options, but a brass U channel is definitely among them. It offers a visual alternative to the silvery shades of aluminium or stainless steel, which may appeal to the tastes of many people.

Of course, that would not be much use if brass did not have some fine characteristics, but it does. The metal is an alloy that combines copper with zinc, although the amounts can vary and with it so can its properties and even its appearance. Normally brass is two thirds copper by volume. Higher zinc content can make it appear more silvery, while extra copper gives it a rosy look.

Many of its properties are to do with conductivity and a lack of magnetism. However, a key feature is it is very malleable, making it easy to shape into just the form needed for a U Channel that slides along easily without excess friction and also keeps everything watertight. Like stainless steel and aluminium, it doesn’t rust.

Being durable, flexible and aesthetically pleasing is not all that brass offers. It also comes with one very important quality - it is antibacterial, which makes it a great metal to have anywhere when water is about, be it in the bathroom, the kitchen or in pipes.

No wonder so many people like to choose brass in their bathroom fittings.

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