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UPDATE: We are now offering bespoke glass cut to size. Call us for details on 033 3303 4059
Why White Is The Worst Colour For Bathrooms

Why White Is The Worst Colour For Bathrooms

After the explosion of avocado-coloured suites and berry-toned toilets in the 1980s, most homeowners have played it safe when it comes to choosing their bathroom paint and tiles, and opted for a clean, clinical white.

However, according to bathroom design experts, white is actually one of the worst paints to use in a washroom. To find out why, read on.



White is well-known for showing up dirt and debris more than any other colour, but it is also bad for staining.

Interior designers Stefan and Maegan Bucur from Rhythm of the Home told the Express: “One of the worst colours to use in a bathroom is bright white.””

They explained that the steam from showers can cause “ugly stains” on bright white walls, as well as leaving lasting damage on the paintjob.

Estate agent John Maxim also noted that as people wash themselves in bathrooms and they are typically the smallest rooms in the house, “walls stain easily” here, and these are particularly visible when they are white.

Even if homeowners try to clean the blemishes, harsh products tend to strip white paint, making them look worse.


Need contrast

While it can be tempting to decorate small washrooms entirely in white to make them appear bigger, this could have the opposite effect.

Dulux recommends having contrast with darker tones in some areas of the bathroom, as this “create[s] an element of interest for the eye to focus on, while allowing the white walls to dissolve away, creating the illusion of a bigger space”.

Having darker tones to the floor, shelves or grouting could help elevate the white walls and tiles.

Lack of personality

While neutral colours are ideal when selling a house, as homeowners want potential buyers to envision their own interior styles in the property, one of the biggest criticisms of white décor is that it lacks personality.

Homeowners are not able to showcase much of their character with an all-white bathroom, making it appear clinical and sterile.

That’s why Dulux suggests having brightly-coloured accessories in the washroom, such as towels, shower curtains, toothbrush holder, soap dish or bath mats, as this “is a great way to add personality in the room without jeopardising the overall minimalist vibe”.


Let other materials shine

White bathrooms will probably always be on-trend, as a simple white suite is inoffensive and can quickly and easily be updated. However, there are so many styles, colours and materials that can be used in bathroom designs these days, it is worth exploring the different options.

For instance, while white marble will always remain attractive and precious, My Domaine says: “Can we turn to other equally appealing stones?”

“Whether your pick is a beautiful dark-blue marble or travertine, it’s time to let other materials shine,” it suggests.

Equally, instead of white subway tiles, homeowners could opt for terracotta hexagon-shaped tiles for a more Mediterranean feel, and ceramic white sinks could be swapped for matt black ones.

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