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Mirror Demisters

Mirror Demisters

Are you upgrading your current Bathroom? Are you tired of the steam from your shower misting up your mirror? If so then you will need to choose from our range of Mirror Demisters. 


The Mirror Demisters are designed to be installed in new and retrofit applications that allow at least 1/16" (1.6 mm) space behind the mirror. The "hardwire" (non plug-in) connection ensures that the aesthetic integrity of your bath is not compromised. The adhesive surface of the Defogger is bonded directly to the back surface of the mirror. Installation is not difficult and conforms to standard industry practice. As with any electrical product, we recommend installation be performed by a qualified person, in accordance with local codes. These Demisters are great for Bath and Spa Rooms. These are a must in any modern bathroom development. 

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