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What is Easi-Clean?

What is Easi-Clean?

Often when purchasing glass you will be offered a product called Easi-Clean. This is typically very expensive and can add a large cost to your glass purchase.

Here at Glass Components UK we have decided to offer this product direct to customers for a self application process. By buying this and applying it yourself you will reduce your cost when purchasing glass.

So what is Easi-Clean? Easi-Clean is a chemical which repels grease, limescale and dirt. It makes it roughly 90% easier to clean a glass panel according to research. The product we offer has a three year life span but can be reapplied every three years. It can be used with both glass table tops and glass shower screens. You simply apply the pre clean (red bottle) by rubbing with a cloth into the glass until completely dry. Once dry, using a seperate cloth spray the Easy-Clean formula (blue bottle) onto the glass and wipe into the glass face that will be receiving exposure from water or dirt.

If in doubt apply to both sides of the panel and you are done. The glass is now protected for 3 years!

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