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E.Z.D. Glazer De-Glazing Tool

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The CRL E.Z.D. Glazer De-Glazing Tool is a real time-saver. This simple-to-use tool is designed to aid in the de-glazing of glass bedded into materials commonly used in the window industry, including silicone, foam or butyl tapes, and other materials engineered to remain flexible throughout their service life (not recommended for use with glazing putty or other materials that harden over time). The EZ1010 goes to work when you lay the cutting blade flat on the glass surface and slide it into the glazing pocket. The glazing material is separated from the glass as you roll the tool along the entire length of the pocket. For tight fits you can facilitate the cutting process by adding soapy water or a light lubricant (Cat. No. SLK1QT) to the blade. A built-in hand guard lets you work right next to the glass for good leverage and a deep cut when needed. The E.Z.D. Glazer is simple, effective and priced right.

  • Aids in the De-Glazing of Glass Installed with Silicone, Foam Tapes, Butyl Tapes and Other Flexible Materials
  • Blade Lays Flat on the Glass and Slides Into the Glazing Pocket
  • Extremely Simple-to-Use

More Details

  • Catalog Number: EZ1010
  • Shipping Weight: 1 lb (454g)

Additional Information

For newer style (screw-on blade) models use Cat. No. EZ1022 for the correct replacement blade. For older style (weld-on) blades use Cat. No. EZ1011 replacement blade. The plastic hand guard is also replaceable by ordering Cat. No. EZ10G.

Important Notes

Always use caution when using this or any other sharp tool.