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30ml Activator

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. Clean all surfaces to be bonded thoroughly with suitable cleaner CRL7528
. Apply a thin bed of the activator on one side, preferable on the metal side
. Wait for the activator to evaporate for approximately 2 minutes
. Apply adhesive on the opposite side of the activator and glue together the two parts
. Move both parts quickly to the desired position, then fix it
. Pre-curing time 5 minutes
. Remove the waste glue with a soft cloth (either K35015 or BX15 towels CRL)
. A working strength is reached after about 5h, the final strength is reached after 24 hours

  • The activator UV61430AKT should be used for CRL UV Adhesive 614 only

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  • Catalog Number: UV61430AKT

Important Notes

Shelf Life: 18 months from lot # date on label